Size: 3'3" x 6'4"
Created winger 2011. Available for view at my studio in LIC. FOR SALE

Tutu Paintbrush

The same silly light blue tutu has made it's way into moving boxes five times since I have been in New York City. I never knew exactly why I kept it in my scope, I guess I knew that one day it would want to take part in something exciting.

I was in a playful mood. When starring at my paint-less fabric my initial reaction was to roll my body in paint and dance with the canvas. Then I though of my tutu ... "I could put it on, spin like a ballerina and paint my movements...oh, but that sounds messy. Why don't I use the tutu as the paint brush and smash, dab and paint the canvas!"

Then the process began. I laid the canvas directly on the floor to get a solid surface to capture the swirly lines of the tutu. I used a paint tin to mix and administer the paint...then I swirled the tutu in a metal light shade/cover. The lamp shade had a hole in the bottom which perfectly let the excess paint drip back into the paint tin.

The process took days. Working on three large pieces. Each time I decided to change colors, the tutu had to completely dry, growing in character and getting a little more crispy